Research Paper Cover Page Writing Help for Students

The research paper cover page is the first thing your tutor will notice and that means it must impress him. You need to remember, that even in case your work is excellent, disordered or with some incomplete title page it will surely give an impression that you did not work well, and your tutor will further search for any mistakes instead of noticing how correctly organized and thoroughly written your work is. Below are given some useful information for you to create high quality title page. Follow the guides listed below and your work will be a success!

1) Your cover page must include the following information: your first and last name, title of your project, the date of the project submission, your tutors name, title of the class, your section period, number of the school and homeroom. Your works title should be at the upper centered part of the page. The rest of the details can be written below interchangeably in the same centered position. And remember, the details concerning the class and the subject are given first followed by the tutors name and the date.

2) As for the format of your research paper cover page , you need to keep in mind that it is rather a matter of personal style. Nevertheless, there are some general rules to follow. Try to use two fonts and not more; otherwise your work will be hard to read. The font size of the cover page must be not more than 36. When you write the date of papers submission you need to use the smaller font than the font of the title. Besides, your research paper cover page for may include a picture if it is allowed.

3) You need to keep the style of your writing clear and concise. Any excessive information such as tables, pictures or images will definitely have a distracting or puzzling effect. In case you need to add a kind of a graphical presentation, you should use only the one that tends not to overwhelm the text. Now you know how to complete a good research paper cover page, you can begin creating your own document. Dont fail to check your cover page thoroughly when it is written. Look it through and check for any structural, grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Sometimes, your tutor establishes his own guidelines for the research paper cover page , and for that reason you need to consult him on the style of formatting. Remember, your cover page must be completed as soon as the research paper is written and checked. Since it is not very enjoyable to get a low mark for your paper only because your cover page has the wrong format, you need to pay ultimate attention to the correct organization of it.

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